We believe that good design is the foundational fabric of a happy life. It ensures efficiency, functionality and aesthetic value that controls the way people feel and therefore the choices that they make. We believe good design enhances life by providing solutions to problems that people face. And hence we are Global in mind & Indian at heart with our focus on promoting bespoke Indian craftsmanship and creating sustainable products.

Fashioning artisanal furniture is like crafting a vision . They both require the same ingredients. Imagination. Time. Art. Thankfully, we found all the three a decade ago. From being a pure design studio to a furniture manufacturer, we work with myriad ideas, designs, craftsmen to create seamless space solutions. Be it the hospitality industry, real-estate projects, commercial and co-working spaces, we frame, create and innovate everyday, by the hour.


Every space has a story behind it. We are happy to have created hundreds of them over the last decade. Be it through our limitless gamut of functional furniture pieces for interior designers and architects to a spectrum of interior styling solutions for leading enterprises. Not just businesses, we have also created bespoke made-to-measure furniture for palatial bungalows and designed boutique hospitality projects. Not to forget, we have supplied urbane furniture to startups and coworking spaces. Though our base is in Goa, we are now an intrinsic part of various ambiences and spaces of leading Indian and global brands.

We are a masterful crew of architects, designers, craftsmen and material specialists. All working in sync at every stage. Right from conceptualizing to manufacturing and finally delivering the product at the right space and time. All thanks to our exclusive design-build specialists functional furniture pieces and a state-of-the-art production facility.

Josmo offers you a rare combination of a design studio and an expansive furniture foundry working in tandem under the same roof. That means a large pool of old-hands and young blood that offer Impeccable design and aesthetics and thoughtful value-engineering.