Forsyth Lodge is a small wildlife lodge set in 44 acres of reclaimed jungle at the edge of the Satpura Tiger Reserve. It focuses on a meaningful, sustainable wildlife and wilderness experience. Forsyth Lodge consists of 12 independent cottages built in an arc around the lodge building that opens out on to stunning vistas of the mountains while the cottages are built to offer unique vantage points into the landscape.

At Forsyth Lodge, everything is designed keeping ecological sensitivity in mind, to give our guests a truly unique wilderness experience. The lodge designed is a rammed-earth structure while the cottages are built out of cob. Both are ecologically responsible ways of building that blend with local architecture and go a long way towards moderating temperatures through the variations of summer and winter. The cottages are furnished down to its last details with local artisanal products and furniture made from wood reclaimed from surrounding areas. It also has an eco-friendly swimming –pool (with virtually no chlorine).