Using Shelves to Make the Most of Any Available Wall Space

 Gubi focuses on relaunching designs from the 1930s to the 1970s; one of its products is the Demon shelving system created by Mathieu Matégot. 

This shelving is often described as "modular" as it comes in multiple sizes: a single shelf or three, four or five shelves. Four different lengths are available, too. However, once you pick your size, it wouldn't be easy to add a shelf—to go from four shelves to five, for example. So there's not quite as much flexibility as would be ideal to meet changing needs.

The Mesh Series Shelves from Bride and Wolfe combine a shelf with a perforated powder coated metal backdrop from which things can be hung. Some of the backdrops also have magnetized spots. Combination products like this sometimes work well, providing storage for things that often get used together but that don't all work with the same type of storage solutions. 

Note: In this case, the items on the shelf would have to be on the short side so as not to interfere with any hanging items.