Villa Vida | Goa

A holiday villa so mellow in style we call it the perfect summer home. Josmo beautifully reimagines scale, patterns, and textures in this open-plan home in Parra, Goa. The total built-up area of this holiday villa is around 3,200sqft. It sits on an expansive and verdant hill in Parra, Goa, and overlooks the entire valley. Nestled deep within the forest, this home is part of a gated community of eight villas. Its cocoon- like vibe allows the inhabitants to enjoy privacy with rolling hills for views. The owners wanted this space to feel open, airy, light, and extremely welcoming. Because they didn’t live in Goa, it was important that the house felt like a home away from home. It is surrounded by nature on all sides for miles.
The owner’s love for everything unique translated into a home that’s a rare design. Each room has a story to tell. Whether it is the 6ft paintings created for space, or murals painted by local artists, every inch of the house has been carefully curated to have the tropical essence of the space remain authentically consistent. Even with inheriting the architecture of an existing structure- Josmo has crafted an address that celebrates the sun, sand, and turf of Goa in an elegant and welcoming narrative.