Cafe Basilico | Hospitality

Like a rustic, Italian Basilica, the newly refurbished Cafe Basilico is a quaint and charming nook, where patrons seeking serenity in a ceaseless city can come tuck themselves away. The space is a beautiful blend of the old and the new; open-air breakfasts, for those who wish to feast like royalty, or quick, in-out meals, for the young and restless. Bringing the outdoors in, the interiors blend elements of Mumbai's flora and fauna, taking the mundane and making it marvelous. The space reflects a holistic approach to design and dining, incorporating it's value as a full-circle from farm to kitchen to plate, using everyday, food-related objects as decor. The intent is to create and engage the users in a dining experience through it’s space; we are proud to invite you to experience this luxurious and unique space, which is sure to be your new favorite.